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Saylee Moonpetal

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Character Sheet for: <Saylee Moonpetal>

General Information
Age:  4
Race:  Sylvari
Profession: Elementalist
Gender: Female
Home: Divinity's Reach
Faction(s)/ Allegiances: Informally to House Wu and Order of the Pink Butterfly

Physical Description
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Snow white
Complexion (Skin tone, color, etc.): Pale green with darker areas, and some leafy growths
Physique (Height, Weight, etc.): Relatively short; slim but shapely for her kind
Scars or other Unique Features: Flower petal fronds, smooth and attractive features

Character Personality & Details
Strengths, Talents, Skills: Defensive/flexible/elusive combat, tactical weaponry, stealth/infiltration, conversation, charm, dance, cleverness
Dislikes, Fears, Flaws: She cannot tolerate abuse of innocents in front of her. She fears her inner corruption claiming her soul again, and living without hope. She is vain, wilful, strongly emotion-driven, often lazy, and sometimes prone to assumptions
Motivations: She seeks to build her network and her influence in the lands, both because it's gratifying to her, and to help her protect loved ones and make the world better. She seeks to become stronger as a conversationalist, fighter, tactician, and as a person, in her own personal ways, because she finds it gratifying. But perhaps above all, she seeks to create profound and stirring beauty, through her own actions, to bring grace and inspiration to the world around her. One day she hopes to work in conjunction with the Order of Whispers, yet not be a member herself.
Other Unique Details: Her fighting style involves swirling, deflective wind energy, water-form, mist, and simple but clever weaponry. She aims to protect others, divert and diffuse threats, and be constantly shifting to keep a foe off-balance. She is incredibly discrete, as well as pragmatic. She values acting swiftly and decisively, whether to neutralize a threat before it can be fully realized, or to simply fulfil a need in any given situation without question. She highly values integrity, trust, and loyalty. 'Life', and relationships, are something sacred to her, and she makes sacrifices without hesitation to honor and protect them. Although it happens rarely, when provoked her ire is cold as ice, and strong as steel.
Unique Possessions (Heirlooms, Armor, Weapons, and Other Equipment?): A simple gold necklace with an ornamental heart; a gift from a loved one. A leather collar with an inscription of the name "Germaine".

Character Summary
Saylee came into the world much like any other Sylvari: into the Grove, and the care and tutelage of those who came before her. However, like many others, while in the Dream she had the misfortune of being touched by the Nightmare. And for much of the Dream, it took her, tormented her with its isolation, bitterness, jealousy, hate... pain. And it stayed with her, even as she awoke into a new, hopeful world.

But that new world was much the same as the old one, defined by her inner prison of despair, sorrow, and madness, broken only sparingly by a merciful ray of light, gods willing. She inevitably left the Grove, the majority of her time spent wandering in the isolation of the wilderness, surviving, or maybe not. Why she did not turn to the Nightmare fully and become a Courtier, she did not know. Perhaps she just did not have it in her. Perhaps it went against something fundamental to her very core, who she was. But, unfortunately, that did not keep her from suffering.

Karma, however, seemed to make late amends, as she stumbled upon a small group of deeply spiritual forward-thinking Sylvari, who were able to offer her much guidance, stability, and hope. She still struggled and failed to truly open up to them, to  embrace them with love and kinship, as she was simply unable, at that point; but their teachings and insights seeded deeply within her, and gave her some of the strength and conviction she had until then lacked. Sadly, circumstances led her to be cast out from them, too.

Following that was long seasons of wandering, isolation, and, for the most part, despair and suffering. However, in time, with new people, somehow, things changed, gradually. She started to become stronger. The ideas, truths, and convictions of her prior saviors, took root, and slowly, ever so slowly, grew and began to blossom into a Saylee that had never truly seen the light of day. Finally having a taste of freedom, freedom to do and be as she pleased without the shackles of bitterness, distrust, and resent, she began to grow; she began to live.

In the bustling human city of Divinity's Reach, she began to pursue her newfound passion, her dream, of networking - of dealing in relationships - from the ground up, despite the sheer impracticality of it all. She found, and lost friends, and found new ones. And she became stronger. In spirit, in mind, and in body. And in influence. At long last, it seemed her time had come, to shine. And she intended to do so with the utmost brilliance, grace, and beauty, inspiring both herself and any to behold her.


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